i cannot be arsed to type all of that again. i seriously just spent half an hour typing a big ass text for you guys, to put here, but then my internet just decided to die. so i'm sorry if this isn't good enought ;_;

all i wanted to say is: i don't have the time to run this blog, so i'm sorry if you really wanted to follow you. but hey, it's just a blog with shitty naked pictures of charlie's top body. if you want to see charlie, go to his channel. if you want the naked body, go watch some porn, nobody will judge you.

some people still think i created that blog with the serious intention of keeping it. it was only just for a laugh, i didn't want to run it like a serious one.

Charlie, thank you for sharing this link in your video, you got me over 1k of followers per day, but seriously, people think i'm a pervert just because i created this, i only did it because of a bet.
now, don't get me wrong, i do appreciate it and i'm sorry if it made you feel unconfortable, although if it did, i don't see why you would share it so people would find it easily.

thanks for reading y'all, have a good one!'